Simon Sinek

The Importance of WHY in Marketing

Why does your company do what they do? Simon Sinek answers this question best. 

As a published author, Ted speaker, and well-known innovation strategist, Sinek’s career focuses on the WHY in business and marketing. WHY you do something, versus HOW or WHAT you offer, he argues creates a stronger connection with your target audience. 

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it,” says Sinek.

People aren’t solely attracted to a particular product for it’s ability to solve a problem, but also for the company’s overall mission and vision, as disseminated through their marketing communication.

In his 2009 talk (below), he illustrates the importance of why as it relates to Apple. People buy Apple products because they solve a problem, as well as because the leaders and employees of Apple are driven to create great experiences for their customers.

Consumers repeat purchase and recommend products and services, as a result of the reasons why the company makes the product.  

The key difference between a new product and an old one isn’t always about making the user experience better, but focusing market communications around the product in a light that relates back to the reason why the company exists. The focus on problem resolution is only one half, while the other half is the emotional connection of the company to the customer.