Grace Hopper Theme ‘We Will’ Inspires at Kick-Off Keynote

‘We Will’ Inspires Kick-Off Keynote

Cup of coffee or not, the GHC Keynote woke me up this morning! And yes, with 25K attendees, the lines were still worth it.

President and CEO of, Brenda Darden Wilkerson, kicked off the conference with inspiring words about women in tech.

Imagine what it will look like when we achieve equity… in all roles.

If you started a business or raised capital, I’m sure you can empathize with the extra challenges experienced as a woman. If not, you likely know someone who has.

Imagine if you spent all of your time putting effort toward raising capital for your business, only to receive less than 3% of total venture capital available. And now imagine knowing that women-owned companies outperform men-owned companies by 64%.

Does this make you jump up and down and scream out loud that you want to be an entrepreneur? Personally, I am hesitant.

How will things change when we are 50/50?

Think about what will change when women are 50% of leadership, and 50% C-Suites and boards, at a company. Think about what will change when women receive 50% of total available venture capital.

Will young girls aspire to become entrepreneurs?

Will more women build a business?

What will be the new norm?

One thing is for sure — women will be seen.

Women will be promoted, celebrated, AND PAID.